Before Getting prescription acne medication, Know the Side Effects and Effectiveness First

When it comes to the treatment of common skin disorders, particularly acne, one of the most common ways that people make use is none other than various over-the-counter products that have been promising those people with various cases of acne that their skin troubles will go away indefinitely.

But what if you happen to have the case of acne that is worse than usual – perhaps falling o the category of moderate to severe, is it still advisable for you to make use of the products? If it does not work on your skin anymore, then it is not the solution.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to take your skincare solutions to the next level and go get to see a skin doctor, a dermatologist, or a skincare specialist so that you can get the best prescription acne medication that is suitable for your skin condition. And once you get your skincare product, you have to watch out for possible side effects. These are harmless, but it’s better for you to know for you to not be too alarmed.

Prescription Acne Medications: Common Side Effects

Just like in other types of highly effective medications that are prescribed by doctors, acne medications that your skincare doctor recommends can give you some side effects. The number and intensity of the said side effects would depend on the type and the strength of a particular treatment. The side effects that are mentioned can be experienced by a person who used oral or topical acne medication.

Some of the common side effects that you can experience from using a particular prescription acne medication include having dry, flaky, or peeling skin, or even having tingly or irritated skin. Aside from that, you may even experience some effects such as redness in your skin, having an upset stomach, feeling of dizziness and even lightheadedness, and increased sensitivity to the sun.

As to the duration or longevity of the common side effects of using prescription treatments for acne, they would only last for a temporary period of time, and will eventually pass even before you notice it. There is no reason to be alarmed, as such effects are part of the overall healing process that the medication has been doing to your skin.

How Do Acne Medications Work, Anyway?

So in case that you are wondering how the acne medications prescribed by your skincare doctor are working, it would depend on how it is being used – whether it be topical or oral.

Topical treatments can work on your skin by reducing the amount of oil on your skin, helping your skin to heal faster, as well as in treating any instances of inflammation, and preventing further bacterial infections.

On the other hand, oral medications have similar ways to work on your skin. But if your acne is caused by hormonal changes, some other oral medications can be prescribed to you as well.Every acne medication works differently from one another. This is why it is highly advisable for you to go see your skincare doctor in order to get the most suitable treatment to finally get rid of your acne completely.


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