Buying and Gifting a Piece of Mars: The Gift for the Geek in Your Life

As the world of technology rapidly advances, so do our interests. As time goes on, it seems that science fiction is becoming a reality with each passing day. This year, those interested in space travel and the new frontier can buy mars land to gift as a holiday present for their friends or family members.

How to buy land on Mars:

Buying a piece of Mars is as simple as going to the website, filling out a form with your name and address information, paying the $19.99 fee for one acre ($250 value), and then selecting which land plot number would look best on Mars. In addition to this, you can also purchase digital photos from NASA that have been taken of the Martian surface, which will be sent to you electronically.

Why purchase a piece of land on Mars?

There are many reasons why someone might want to purchase a piece of land on Mars. Some people may simply be interested in space travel and the new frontier, while others may see it as an investment opportunity. As the cost of traveling to and living on Mars continues to decrease, the value of the land on the planet is expected to rise.

In addition, owning a piece of Mars provides you with bragging rights and a sense of uniqueness that cannot be found elsewhere. It also gives you the opportunity to name your parcel of land after yourself or someone you know.

How to gift a piece of land on Mars:

If you are looking to purchase a piece of Mars for someone as a holiday gift, you have the option of sending an email that will include information on how they can claim their land. You are also able to request that your title deed be sent by mail so it may arrive sooner than expected.

Steps to gift a piece of land of Mars:

1. Select the piece of land you would like to purchase.

– You can select from a wide variety of plots that include but are not limited to your favorite sports team’s logo, city/state name, and many more options.

2. Enter your information and pay the $19.99 fee for one acre of land ($250 value).

– You must be at least 18 years or older to purchase a piece of Mars.

– After submitting payment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your property deed and optional high-resolution photos from NASA (optional).

3. Print out your title deed and place it in a nice frame as a gift.

– Your title deed will include the plot number, legal description of the land, date of purchase, and more.

– If you have purchased high-resolution photos, they will be included with your title deed. The gift of land on Mars is the perfect present for anyone who is interested in space travel, astrophysics, or new frontiers. It is also a great way to commemorate an important event or special occasion. With Christmas just around the corner, don’t miss your chance to purchase a piece of Mars and give the gift of exploration this year!


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