International Trademark Services: Guide For A Successful Application

Many people are unaware that they can apply international trademark services such as registering a trademark and designating the goods and services covered. This article will provide a guide to applying for one or more goods and services in order to protect your company’s brand. There are several steps you should take when applying for international trademark services. First, choose the right service. Second, search for the appropriate country of interest. Third, prepare a written application form that includes all necessary information about your company including its history, purpose, and other details.

The Basics of International Trademark Services

International trademark services can protect a company’s brand in international markets. When registering a trademark with an international agency, you will be able to designate goods and services that are covered by the trademark. A company will typically register more than one type of good or service as part of their trademark package for protection. This article will provide a guide to applying for one or more goods and services in order to protect your company’s brand.

  • First, choose the right service

If you want to register your trademark internationally, there are two basic types of services: Trademark Authenticity and Registration Services (TAS) and Industrial Design Services (IDS). TAS is not available for all countries, but IDS is available worldwide.

  • Second, search for the appropriate country of interest.

To find out if a country offers either type of service, search its website using the International Bureau Search Tool powered by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). You may also contact the relevant government authority directly if unsure where to apply for the specific service you require.

Choose A Service

If you are interested in applying for international trademark services, it is important to choose the right service. Unlike domestic trademark services, there are various international trademarks that you might want to apply for. International trademarks differ from country to country and will require different fees, documents, and procedures.

Some of the most common types of international trademarks are as follows:

  • trade mark (the word “trade” is often omitted)
  • design patent
  • plant variety protection
  • geographical indication (GI)
  • industrial design

Some countries only offer certain trademark classes so choosing the right service is essential. For example, China only offers a geographical indication service while Mexico offers a plant variety protection service.

Prepare The Application Form

It is important to prepare the application form with as much information as possible. This includes a community trademark search, which is a database of trademarks that have been filed in other countries. If your product or service is not listed in the database, it will be difficult for your application to be accepted.

Next, you should prepare and submit a written request for international registration. The purpose of this form is to include all necessary information about yourself, your company, and its goods or services. The application must contain at least one formal drawing of your proposed mark.

Lastly, send the completed application form by mail or fax to the appropriate office responsible for international trademark registrations.

Submit Your Application

Once you’ve found the right service and completed all of the necessary steps, submit your application.

You may be required to provide additional information when filing for international trademark services in certain countries. For example, if you are filing for trademark services in China, you will need to provide an approved translation of your application by a licensed translator from Chinese into English. Additionally, you will need to prove that your company is eligible for filing an application with the Chinese Trademark Office and provide evidence of your business location and status. While this guide cannot cover all cases across the world, it provides a comprehensive look at what is required when applying for international trademark services.


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