Simple steps to cleaning your fuel tank 

Here are the simple steps from the wrong fuel near me which you should understand as preventing a problem is better than having an attempt to fix it later. Before you start, you will require to know how clean the gas tank is. The following are some simple steps for cleaning your gas tank irrespective of the engine which you are working on. 

Safety first 

When you work with fuel systems, you need to remember that the gas is very combustible and can be quite dangerous. The following are a few safety tips that you require before you start the process of having to clean the gas tank: 

  • De-clutter: Ensure that you keep your work area organized and clean to help in preventing any accident from happening 
  • Ventilate: In case you work indoors, you have to ensure that you have a working area that is ventilated. Open any doors or the windows, setting up a fan in case the need arises. 
  • Be ready: You need to have a fire extinguisher ready. You have to ensure that there aren’t any sources of spark or flame in the area. 
  • Mask: To wear a face mask is good in helping to minimize the fuel fumes inhalation 
  • Protect your eyes: You should never forget protection of the eyes when you work on your engine. 

Drain the tank 

Before you remove the tank, you have to ensure that it doesn’t have any fuel. Apart from it being a safety precaution, it can take a certain weight off, which makes the entire process to be easier. Certain gas tanks have a drain cock which allows the fuel to drain out neatly. In case there is none, you can go ahead and drain the fuel by removing a gas line or by having to siphon it. 

Remove tank 

Depending on the engine type, it might be complex or simple. Removing the gas tank careful is what you should do but ensure to leave all the caps and valves in their position. It will ensure that the re-installation process becomes much easier later. Once it gets out, you should inspect the whole tank thoroughly; check out the sediments, holes, and rust. Patch out any holes before you continue. 

Wash the tank 

There is a need of using parts cleaners that are known to be quite effective. Disperse off the product over the whole inside surface of the tank by having to shake or swirl it. You have to remember that most of the buildup will be on the bottom, and thus you should focus your attention there. It might take a few sessions of soaking to be able to clear the bottom, depending on the buildup which is there.  If you are working on a motorcycle and you have not been able to remove the tank, you can as well clean it effectively by use of various products. Utilizing the same product to address the bottom of the tank might prove to be effective.


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