What does a Professional Genealogist Do?

Have you ever wanted to find out more about your family history? For many people, it’s a lifelong quest to uncover the details of their ancestors and build a better understanding of where they come from. If this is something you are interested in, then hiring a professional genealogist might be an option for you. But what exactly do they do?

Professional genealogists are experts in researching family histories and can help you piece together information on your ancestry. They specialize in constructing detailed reports that provide thorough accounts of an individual’s past, including dates and locations of births, marriages, and deaths. They can access records such as census data, historical documents, obituaries, military files, birth certificates, marriage licenses and more. All of this information can help you gain insight into the lives of your ancestors.

The process begins with an initial consultation to learn about the client’s goals and objectives. Once these have been established, the genealogist will begin digging through archives and other resources to compile data on an individual or a family tree. This includes examining vital records (births, deaths and marriages) as well as land deeds and probate records to help trace lineage back generations. The professional also utilizes DNA testing when needed to further verify ancestral links or determine whether two individuals are related.

Professional genealogists not only research information but also analyze it by assessing its accuracy and connecting dots so that the results make sense. Throughout the process, they will communicate with clients regularly to explain any findings or ask questions if additional information is needed. Once all facts have been collected,the genealogist will organize them into a comprehensive report that accurately reflects all relevant data points — typically presented in charts or diagrams so that it’s easy to understand at a glance — while providing useful context throughout.


At its core, professional genealogy is about connecting people with their past by uncovering facts about their ancestry in order to provide insight into who they are today. It takes skillful research coupled with patience and dedication to put together comprehensive reports that accurately reflect all relevant data points found during the search process — which is why working with a professional genealogist can be beneficial for those looking for answers about their family history. With their expertise in uncovering records from archives around the world as well as their ability to interpret those records accurately while providing useful context along the way — professional genealogists can be invaluable partners when attempting to map out your family tree!


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