Waste Management Services

RTS (rubbish management & waste management) are a leading waste management company based in the north-east of England. RTS waste management has an expert Construction Team, which will demonstrate their long-standing expertise in the field of Construction waste collection. RTS waste management companies have an excellent reputation throughout the UK and Europe as the go-to waste management company for construction related waste and disposal.

Some waste collection and waste recycling centres do not allow the client to use their own waste collection equipment and waste recycling facilities therefore the client must find a waste management company that can provide the relevant waste services within the limitations stipulated by the local waste collection centre. In these circumstances it is often necessary to engage the services of a skip hire company. Many Rubbish Removal centres do not have the facilities available to allow the waste recyclers to locate and collect waste at the waste destination.

Skip hire services are essential for waste management companies because they enable them to locate waste material and then collect it at the required location for recycling. This enables the waste management company to concentrate its time and efforts on the recycling activities rather than on collecting waste materials at the local waste management centre. Waste management is all about managing waste and ensuring that it is collected and recycled responsibly and effectively.

A waste management company should have a waste recycling department that is fully functional and dedicated to waste and recycling collection and recycling. They should have an efficient collection service and a waste recycling service to ensure that waste is collected and recycled efficiently. The waste management company may be required to collect non-biodegradable waste materials such as plastic waste and batteries and removals, paper waste, tin waste and aluminum can waste. The recycling department should undertake the processing of the waste materials to ensure they are sent for proper recycling and disposal. There are also regulations governing the processing and collection of plastic waste and biodegradable waste which are enforced by the waste and recycling commission (WRC).

The waste management services should also undertake food waste and recycling collection. Food waste can range from vegetable peelings to complete organic waste. They should ensure that the food waste is collected and segregated to ensure that it is not contaminated with bacteria or other harmful microbes. Food waste is not only unsightly but is also a major health hazard due to the lack of hygienic conditions while processing it and the possible contamination of foodstuffs with bacteria.


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