The Basics Of Taking Care Of Your Pooltak (Pool cover) At Home

Your pool cover is doing an excellent job for your swimming pool maintenance. You take care of your pool water not to become toxic or have filth. You also make sure the pool is clean and well-maintained. But what does not get much attention is your pool cover. As an accessory that keeps evaporation, debris, sticks, and unwanted externalities, your pool cover gets the most need for maintenance. Unfortunately, people overlook that they also need to properly clean and store their pool covers.

Taking care of your pool cover is the same as your main pool. Even if you put so many things that guarantee safety and add-on benefits to your pool water and pool area, if the pool cover you use to cap it off after using is filled with bacteria and broken, then it is of no use. The contamination of molds and dirt will still take place, affecting the overall quality of your pool. If this is not enough reason for you to take care of your pool cover, you can always look at it in the long term. Notice how your pool cover can quickly get plots if you do not take care of it.

  • Take out the dirt.

As mentioned, your pool cover gets a lot of dirt because it serves as the front for your swimming pool. If it is your habit to take off the lid and place it aside without taking out large debris and having weekly cleaning, you should change that habit. Buy a long pool skimmer or cleaner that you can use to take out all the dirt from the pool cover while it is spread out before taking it off the swimming pool.

  • Pump out dirty water.

A Pooltak (Pool cover)does not only accumulate dirt and debris on the outside surface level, but also inside. The one in the latter is obviously harder to handle, considering that you will have to pump out the dirt to get them out. People can suck out the dirt through a water vacuum, or pump it off. But one should not keep pumping it every time they use the pool, which can be every day. It can heavily damage the pool cover so as to tear and make the material wear off.

  • Do not forget to manually clean your pool cover.

More than taking out the debris and pumping the accumulated dirt, you want to manually use detergent soap and a scrub to heavily clean and wash your pool cover. When using the scrub, make sure you can get into every space of the cover, especially if it’s a tarpaulin type. Moreover, make sure you do not scrub so hard that the pool cover’s material also gets torn down.

  • Store it properly.

If you think you prefer leaving your pool without water, or you are simply not going to use it for a long time, then make sure that you store your pool cover properly. You learn how to fold it properly.


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