What is the Disadvantage of Silk Pjs over Cotton Pajamas?

Is there anything in this world that doesn’t have drawbacks? What of pajama, mere attire that is used at night? Sound funny, right? Silk pajamas for women are graced with tons of advantages that surpass their disadvantages. In any way, there must be something that is itching people. And in this article, you’ll learn the cons of pajamas that are made of silk.

That’s said; pajamas provide comfort due to the materials that have been used to make them. Silk tends to outwit all other materials. Over the past years since pajamas were made from silk material, they have gained popularity and pervaded nearly all parts of the world. Why are a lot of people using them?

From the research, these kinds of pajamas have been said to be comfortable and cool to the skin. The smooth textures in them facilitate a crystal clear breathing of the skin as compared to cotton or synthetic types of pajamas. Also, they help in the regulation of body temperature and provide a comfy sleep at night. As from the above benefits, can you dare buy cotton pajamas over silk ones? Since everybody wants a resounding sleep, free from distractions, I bet with my two arms, you can subscribe to these types of pajamas.

However, apart from the banes associated with the silk pajamas for women, some people who have used them have some disturbing cons about them. If you are eager to know the boons laced with these types of pajamas that you don’t know exits, read this article to the end to acquaint yourself with the telltale signs of pajamas made from silk.

Let’s dive into the plunge to unleash the basics;

  • Cost
  • Uncomfortable during winter seasons
  •  Shrivel after several washes


As for the benefits the pajamas have, not all women have embraced it. You’ll find a few wearing these types of pajamas, especially those who are well off. This denotes the value these pajamas have.

Therefore, their cost is high as compared to cotton pajamas or any other pajamas made from ordinary materials. Its exorbitant cost makes the pajama unsuitable for all people.

Uncomfortable during winter Seasons 

The shiny, beautiful pajamas made from silk are light in weight and unreliable during the cold seasons. If we have prolonged winter seasons, putting on a silk pajama might be a daunting task for women.

You’ll need to wear another cashmere robes or other ladies’ robes over your sleepwear silk to maintain the warmth your body deserves during winter.

If something is suitable during certain conditions, then it is up to you to weigh its quality and other preferences of your choice and decide whether to buy them.

Shrivel after Several Washes

After purchasing pajamas made from silk, can you have it for more than five months without losing its taste, shininess, and appealing appearance?

The Silk material needs intense maintenance to keep it to form and serve you greatly for some years. Meaning, when you keep on washing your silk sleepwear it will slightly shrivel that is, it might become shorter or tighter after washing it.

Avoid washing your silk sleepwear pajamas with hot water or detergents.

ConclusionSilk pajamas for women are awesome to have especially if you need comfy and relaxed sleep. However, the cost, unsuitability during winter, and careful maintenance might deter you from buying the sleepwear.


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